The small type: when your regular dcougars in Canberraner regimen gets somewhat stale, you can spend your following go out dunking apples in gooey bowls of melted cheese or dipping cheesecake with hot candy sauce at Melting Pot. This do-it-yourself fondue destination satisfies daters hungry for anything initial and fun. The cafe offers much more than scrumptious food — its an interactive knowledge the place you dip, prepare, and devour high quality food together with your go out. Discussed dishes of salty and nice goodies inspire couples to relish when collectively. Be it your own anniversary dinner or just a weeknight go out, The Melting Pot specializes in whipping up outstanding experiences in over 120 locations inside U.S.


The Melting Pot functions as an enchanting location for daters seeking superb food and a friendly atmosphere. Lingering with bubbling cheese and rich melted candy, partners often share unique minutes across restaurant’s burners.

From very first times to birthday celebration festivities along with their first-born, many people have actually spent vital goals inside their interactions at Melting Pot — as well as others just like eating melted mozzarella cheese any day of the week.

The operation’s menu provides a variety of meals for people with dietary requirements (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free choices) as well as daters seeking enjoy some thing savory or sweet. It is possible to opt for dessert just with a bowl of marshmallows, cakes, brownies, as well as other candies excellent for dipping in melted chocolate, or you can have the full four-course meal with a salad, mozzarella cheese fondue, a protein you prepare yourself, and candy fondue.

Based in 1975, in Maitland, Fl, The Melting Pot’s original eating plan had three products: Swiss cheese fondue, meat fondue, and candy fondue. The rise in popularity of the 3 classes, however, shortly brought the restaurant to grow to offer even more dishes at a lot more locations. Today, the franchise owns over 120 home-based places and many throughout the world. Whether you are hankering for a creamy oatmeal artichoke plunge or a luscious full bowl of melted chocolate brown, The Melting Pot can suit your craving.

Possible join The Melting Pot’s Club Fondue to hear about future unique occasions like beer and drink meals or meals tastings. Club members likewise have exclusive vacation booking privileges, to help you book your own night out beforehand.

“All in all, it’s very a great deal an entertaining experience,” stated Laura Mulhern, Director of Public Relations your Melting Pot. “What better place for a romantic date! We provide couples something to enjoy with each other. You are able to appreciate one another’s organization and exceptional meals, making an unique memory space any day of the week.”

A Restaurant Where Ordinary Dates Become Extraordinary

The Melting Pot actually a grab-and-go restaurant — guests really enjoy each other’s organization during many classes of decadent dishes.

“you don’t need to hold off which will make recollections aided by the person you adore,” Laura emphasized. “you are able to equally a lot of great memories on a Tuesday night as you’re able on an anniversary.”

Needless to say, the cafe greets huge functions and unique occasions, however they also treasure personal minutes between buddies, households, and family members. The Melting Pot often helps men and women add a personal touch to virtually any celebration — regardless of if it’s just Tuesday.

“the personnel really does a great job of going far beyond for guests,” she said. “we try to supply a great time anyway our very own restaurants.”

Should you decide tell The Melting Pot you’re remembering one thing unique, their unique team is very happy to sweeten the night with indulgent plans which include balloons, teddy bears, flowers, alongside intimate motions. You can get any message written in chocolate to top off the meal — perhaps as a birthday combat or even though. Last but not least, an employee member usually takes a photo to help you take as a long-term memento of your own night out.

With original, experience-oriented choices, The Melting Pot looks toward providing a brand new generation of diners just who will appreciate experiences over materialistic material. “We are continuing to keep with the developments. It really is our very own work to remain strongly related all of our visitors,” Laura informed united states. “Millennials tend to be a driving energy for us.”

Partners Make Memories Over Melty Meals on Valentine’s Day

The work of dipping meals into cheese or candy is fairly sensuous and that can end up being a great opportunity to relationship for daters with a sweet enamel. The Melting Pot establishes the feeling on any big date while offering upwards tasty bites. Their tables frequently fill with lovers on Valentine’s Day because of the fondue restaurant’s track record of mouth-watering and passionate meals.

The Melting Pot’s prix-fixe diet plan contains around five classes of special fondue flavors like stuffed baked potato cheddar or white candy crème brûlée. These decadent pairings range from season to-year and place to location — some restaurants even offer complimentary cups of champagne!

As a team, The Melting Pot offers each place the independence to help make the time unique, so their unique offerings will vary from destination to spot.

“Every location has different things taking place,” Laura stated. “The restaurants make their very own modifications to diet plan and specials for Valentine’s Day.”

It is possible to consider the website to find out just what romantic days celebration occasions are taking place at Melting Pot areas in your area.

The group Goes the exact distance to make sure You will get your own only Desserts

At The Melting Pot, the visitor’s knowledge is a team top priority. Laura described the organization as a family group, with long-term downline trying to meet friends from starters to treat.

“all of us people become ingrained as to what we would,” she described. “All of our hosts and hospitality specialists stick with us simply because they enjoy engaging with the visitors.”

During the interactive fondue knowledge, machines come to be well-acquainted making use of their guests. It is an intimate and friendly atmosphere for daters. Laura informed all of us the staff is actually focused on assisting guests have outstanding knowledge.

“everybody which comes in those doorways is actually all of our guest,” Laura said, “therefore need to make certain they usually have a personal experience that they remember for several years.”

Since 1975, The Melting Pot has taken visitors Together

The Melting Pot is actually someplace for discussion, cocktails, and cheddar- and chocolate-covered treats. As a versatile franchise, each restaurant features its own design and unique eating plan things, so there’s constantly something to discover. The hands-on food helps make a long-lasting effect on visitors, and daters certainly will benefit from the restaurant’s hot atmosphere, decadent meals, and attentive employees.

It’s no surprise partners hold finding its way back for moments during the Melting Pot.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion with a family member or just desire to invest an evening savoring the nice things in life, The Melting Pot embraces everyone else. Seize a skewer (and someone special) making your reservation for an engaging fondue food to commemorate your upcoming wedding, birthday celebration, Valentine’s Day — or Tuesday.

“its about making the most of committed we have together,” Laura told us. “each and every day are a unique occasion within Melting Pot because it’s everything model of it.”